LOCK//IN Brazil skins for Valorant knife

Leo Faria, in charge of Valorant esports, has just unveiled knife skins and player cards to celebrate the beginning of LOCK//IN Brazil. Half of the money collected will be redistributed to the thirty franchised teams. It will be necessary to wait 8th February to get these new cosmetics.

The LOCK//IN Brazil is the first stage of the Valorant Champions Tour 2023. The thirty teams from the three leagues, EMEA, Pacific and Americas will participate. In addition to offering them an exceptional stage on which to compete against other players, the competition will give them a chance to become better known to the public. The first matches are scheduled for 13th February.

To celebrate this LAN, Riot Games has created a dedicated set of skins. You will be able to get a player card with the effigy of Berlin, Seoul or Los Angeles, the leagues' partner cities. In addition to this element, the bundle contains a knife skin. It is available in four different versions, green, blue, purple and red.

It's a fact, skins are an integral part of FPS. Over the past two years, Riot Games has produced collections of skins for each Valorant Champions. The first collection was a particular hit with players, as it contained a butterfly knife. The second one was also a hit and generated more than $16 million. While the studio did receive some of this money, in reality it only received half of the income. The other half went to the teams participating in the Valorant Champions.

In the same way, 50% of the profits generated by this new bundle will go to the franchise teams. It is also likely that another set will be created for the Valorant Champions 2023, which will provide additional income for the structures.

In addition, Leo Faria said in an interview that there are other ways for organisations to fund their teams. Team skins and other in-game content are among them. The Rioter also indicated that Riot provides support such as a fixed allowance and relocation assistance.

It will be a while before we see the first team skins in game. As for the LOCK//IN Brazil knives, the wait will be short. You will be able to buy these cosmetics from 8th February.