Limitless skins coming soon to Valorant

The collection Magepunk 3.0 has not yet left the shop, Riot Games is already unveiling the next collection of skins of Valorant. Entitled Limitless, this new set includes evolving skins, whose appearance varies according to the ambient level of darkness!

Five weapons are concerned by Limitless, namely the Bulldog, the Vandal, the Ghost, the Spectre and the melee weapon. The latter takes on the appearance of a bat, a visual we haven't seen since the Radiant Crisis 001 collection.

Visually speaking, we're dealing with a complete change of atmosphere compared to the Magepunk skins. There's no wood, metal or electricity to be seen, just a cosmetic more sober, with a mix of red, white and black. The main advantage of this bundle is that the main colour changes according to the brightness. As a result, white turns to black when you move from a lit area to a dark one, and the writing becomes luminescent.

It's almost as if you had two different collections... And it's not the first time the studio has used this process. We find the same concept with Nunca Olvidados cosmetics, inspired by the Day of the Dead in Mexican culture.

In this video, there's another element that caught our attention: the setting. A sandy beach, the sea, a broken ship... it's all very well Breeze appears! This map has been absent from the map pool since patch 6.00, and has no announced return date at present. Given that the tweet indicates that we'll be able to enjoy the Limitless skins very soon, it could be that Valorant's heavenly map will be making a comeback at some point.