Libretto and Silhouette, the new Combat Pass skin series

The final Act of Episode 3 of Valorant, in addition to bringing us a new Agent called IsoThe new Combat Pass will feature two new series of skins for the pay-per-play route: Libretto and Silhouette.

The rewards of the last Combat Pass of 2023 are there to celebrate the events of the year, with joy and good humour. According to Mingxi Zouproducer of Valorant :

The skins for this fighting pass are inspired by the tales and arts we love. The elegant, wooden toy-like designs are reminiscent of seasonal ballets. Our desert-themed skin is resplendent in purple and gold, echoing magical wishes conjured up from millennia-old lamps. Meanwhile, the shadow puppet skin captures the delicate dance between light and darkness that gives rise to larger-than-life animals, paying homage to a long tradition of storytelling. Together, these skins celebrate winter legends and the joy of the festive season, setting the stage for new adventures.

While we don't yet have a video of the different variations of these skins, we do have these visuals:

Valorant Battle Passe Episode 7 Act 3 - Libretto
Valorant Battle Passe Episode 7 Act 3 - Silhouette

These skins can be obtained from the 31 October 2023with the launch of Act 3 and the release of Iso.