Leviatán Makes Roster Changes For VCT 2023

The new Americas League created for the VCT 2023 will host large teams such as Sentinels, 100 Thieves or LOUD. Also accepted among the ten structures, Leviatán will represent the LATAM region with its eternal rival, KRU Esports. As other teams do, Leviatán is looking to build the most competitive roster possible. With this in mind, the organisation has made its first changes and has chosen to part with Melser and adverso.

The rise of Leviatán

The Leviatán started to make a name for themselves during the first edition of the VCT, but it was mainly the VCT 2022 that allowed them to reach new heights. The team started this second year of competitions by winning the Challengers 1 Latin America South against KRU Esports, before drawing attention to themselves again in the final of the LATAM Challengers, again against KRU. Although the team lost in this tournament, they achieved one of the most intense comebacks of the season.

Later in the year, the two rivals met again in a high-profile duel. The final of the Challengers 2 LATAM offered the winners direct access to the Copenhagen Masters 2. Determined to take their revenge, Leviatán crushed KRU Esports, 3-0. This very good performance opened the doors to higher level competitions.

Their first appearance in an international LAN resulted in a 5th/6th place. For their second inter-national tournament, Leviatán simply participated in the Valorant Champions. With two wins in the group stage, the team emerged first qualifier for the playoffs. However, the adventure came to an early end after two defeats, against LOUD and Fnatic. Despite this early elimination in the second phase of the tournament, this young team still managed to get a good 7th/8th place to the biggest championship of the year.

Valorant Champions - Leviatan

A new chapter for 2023

From challenger to contender for the title of best team in the world, Leviatán has had a crazy year. As a selected for the Americas League, the structure will have the opportunity to shine even more brightly next year.

Like all the teams qualified for the 2023 VCT, Leviatán will be looking to build an ultra-competitive roster. In order to welcome new players, the organisation has made its first ever changes by announcing the departure of Melser and adverso. This leaves only three players in the roster, namely Tacolilla, kiNgg and Shyy.

In its communication, it did not fail to thank these two players, present since the beginning of the structure on Valorant:

Today we have to say goodbye to Melser and adverso, two fundamental pieces of Leviatán. Simply THANK YOU for always representing us in the best way, we love you very much!

Twitter of the structure

For the moment, the organisation has not communicated any information regarding their replacements. With only thirty teams selected, many players are still to be signed, the transfer window is running out in the Americas, in Europe, but also at the Pacific. We should therefore have more details in the coming weeks.