LeStream announced an exceptional Valorant tournament

LeStream is partnering with BMW to organise a Valorant tournament with €15,000 cash prize next week! Every information about the tournament are in this article.

One thing is certain, there is no shortage of Valorant competition. Many tournaments are emerging, which allow to measure the strength of your team against the ones of players all over Europe.

It’s in this occasion that LeStream is organising the Valorant Tournament : BMW The 2 Gran Coupe, a major tournament with a €15,000 cash prizewhich will reward only the best 2 teams.

The tournament is open to everyone and is organised around 2 qualifiers of 64 teams each. The objective is simple: win to secure a place for the grand final. They will take place:

  • On 19th and 20th May (BO1). The semi-finals and the final will be cast from 8:30pm.
  • On 21st and 22nd May (BO1). The semi-finals and the final will be cast from 8:30pm.

Important information to note: if you fail the first qualifier, you can participate in the second without problem. Reassuring in case of poor performance!

The two winners will then face off in a a final BO3 match, 27 May at 8.30 pmIn the end, the winners of the competition will have the opportunity to share the €15,000 prize money (€10,000 for the first, €5,000 for the second).

The cast will be offered by the Brocasters, along with Rivenzi, Lutti, Fayaw and Adiboo, live on LeStream's Twitch channel.

To try to participate, go to the official tournament website:

Good luck!