Less random in Maps Selection

Valorant next update should change the way maps are selected. You should soon no longer come across the same maps too often during your gaming sessions.

At least, that's what Riot Ziegler announced overnight in a tweet.

Riot Ziegler's Tweet about the Maps Selection RNG

The current map selection system is completely random. Most of the time, players are playing on different maps without realising it. On the other hand, if a map is repeated too often (which is inevitable, according to the Law of Large Numbers), the player will notice it and will have the impression that the maps selection is biased.

In patch 1.08 due out next week, a new factor should come into play. Matchmaking should likely take into account the maps previously played by each player.

On the other hand, this could theoretically lengthen the search times of the games. Indeed, matchmaking will obviously combine players capable of playing on the same maps. It will all depend on how the new system is calibrated from how many games does it thinks need to be played before intervening.