Sentinels of Light 2.0 skins coming soon to Valorant

In Valorant, you can retrieve of skins through Combat Passbut also in the dedicated shop. Very soon, cosmetics Sentinels of Light 2.0a new edition of an earlier collection, will replace the Valiant Heroes bundle.

In July 2021, Riot Games organised a special event entitled Sentinels of Light. It was based on the story of Runeterra. At that time, "the Black Mist poured over the whole of Runeterra, hypnotising its champions and plunging the continent into darkness".. The Sentinels of Light had no choice but to fight to save their world.

The studio's idea was to bring the two themes associated with the event together, "Ruin and Sentinelsin its other titles, notably through skins. That's how we saw the cosmetics of the same name appear in Valorant.

As indicated by Chris StoneWeapons designer for Valorant, in a press releasewas a major challenge. Unlike Riot Games' other games, these two themes were not particularly present in the FPS. As a result, the content that would be produced "should both excite the League team (and you) while also appealing to VALORANT players (like me) who know absolutely nothing about the other game"..

And the least we can say is that the result was more than sympathetic; we still remember the superb sword in the Ruin bundle ! The Sentinels of Light collection was just as successful. We really liked the design and the finisher.

Sentinels of Light and Ruins skins
Sentinels of Light and Ruins skins at a glance

Fans will be pleased to know that a new edition will be arriving in the shop very soon. For these skins Sentinels of Light 2.0The designers focused on other weapons, namely the Phantom, the Ares, the Spectre and the Shorty. Once again, the melee weapon has an alternative version. This is the a double blade a style of knife introduced by the Sarmad collection last year.

As with the previous collection, you can choose between various colours - gold/black, violet/black, white/gold - and the finisher is back too. We don't yet know how much the bundle will cost, but it's likely to be a Premium collection. at minimum. So we'll probably have to reckon with between 7100 and 8700VP to acquire it.

As for the release dateHowever, Riot Games has not divulged any information, other than to say that the skins will be "in shops soon". With Valiant Heroes skins still available to buy for 11 hours, we could see them on sale by the weekend.