Rêverie skins are available in Valorant

Just as the Valorant Champions 2023 skins collection has not yet left the FPS shop, a new set has already made its appearance in-game. Entitled ReverieThis colourful bundle will be available until the end of August.

Between yellow, orange and metallic violet in countless shades the cosmetics in the Rêverie collection are particularly colourful. The surface also includes a host of decorative elements, such as tacos, rollerblades, a saloon car and even palm trees! Palm trees again... Is this just a link with the host city of the Valorant Champions, or is it a case of "I'm not the only one! A new clue about the next possible FPS map?

The Rêverie collection of skins in Valorant.

With this pack, you can give your Judge or Classic a unique look and go on a rampage in style with a customised Phantom or Operator. As usual, this new collection also includes a skin for the melee weapon.

In the past, designers have come up with attractive alternatives to the simple knife, such as double blades, katanas or even butterfly knives. This time, you can stun your opponents with the a crowbarlike a real-life Dr Gordon Freeman in the Half-Life licence.

To get your hands on the whole bundle, you'll need to pay 3500VP. This will give you a gunbuddy with shimmering colours. You can also buy certain items on their own. All weapons cost 875VPexcept for the melee weapon, which costs 1750VP. The little golden companion is available for 475VP.

The gunbuddy from the Rêverie collection in Valorant is a little golden cat wearing headphones.

The Rêverie collection is already available in the Valorant shop. You still have just over twelve days to add these skins to your arsenal if you like them!