Kuronami skins make the rain fall in Valorant

A new chapter means new skins! The launch of Episode 8 shows the collection Kuronami In the Valorant shop, a line of stormy cosmetics that will delight finishers.

In Japanese, Kuro means Black, while Nami translates as Wave. So it's hardly surprising to discover that the new line of Kuronami skins focuses on waterbut also on the stormy weather.

When the last opposing player is eliminated, the sky darkens, lightning flashes and a torrential downpour falls on the map. This is the first time that a skin has completely changed the weather and affected the entire map.

Would Riot Games consider adding weather conditions in the future? Even if the idea is a bit far-fetched, it's not impossible - it could be a temporary mode - given that the studio has already shared its desire to add weather conditions to the game. make night cards.

The Kuronami skin finisher

And therein lies the beauty of this finisher: the enemy is imprisoned in the centre of the stage. a sphere of waterwhich is not unlike the Aqueous Prisonused by Kisame Hoshigaki in the Naruto manga. A rather nice wink!

And it's clear that other manga and anime have inspired designers to create the melee weapon in this bundle. These include Hunter X Hunter and the character Kurapika, and Demon Slayer. This time, they're offering us a double blade, christened Kuronami No Yaibawhich takes the form of two chained kunais. To get your hands on it, you'll have to pay 5350 VP.

The melee weapon from the Kuronami collection by Valorant

As for the other weapons covered by the Kuronami coating, here is the list:

  • Vandal
  • Marshal
  • Sheriff
  • Spectre

Note that skins exist under four different colours (grey-blue, purple, white and black), and the bundle includes a player card and a gunbuddy. If you want to buy the whole collection, it will cost you no less than 9500 CARS.

The collection is due to appear in the boutique very soon, as patch 8.00 will be deployed tonight.