Chromedek skins are available in Valorant

In the Valorant shop, Sentinels of Light 2.0 skins alongside a brand new collection of cosmetics. Called ChromedekThese new models offer a refined design, at the crossroads between the future and the past.

From ancient Egypt with the Sarmad bundleto the next millennium thanks to Ion skins, through to the age of the Samurai through Oni cosmeticsWith each new collection, the designers tackle a variety of themes. Today, Riot Games is unveiling a set entitled Chromedekwith a smooth, silvery look.

Retrofuturism is a term that appeared in the 80s. It refers to a style in which objects, decorations, paintings, vehicles and even buildings reflect the way in which the future and progress were envisaged in the past. This trend is probably one of the sources of inspiration for Chromedek skins, but it's probably not the only one.

The "advanced extraterrestrial technology" effect is reminiscent of the weapons of Men In Blacklike Agent K's legendary Blaster. What's more, Chromedek weapons are characterised by a certain elegance that emanates from the curves, the overall symmetry and the shiny effect. All elements that contribute to the definition of the Space Age.

The Chromedek Bundle includes a coating for the Phantom, the Shorty, the Marshall and the Bulldog. As usual, the melee weapon also has an alternative form, the Gauntlet. Please note that there are no variations and no finisher in this collection.

Gauntlet, Chromedek skin - Valorant

If you want to take down your targets as if you were a real agent of the secret organisation, you'll have to pay 5 100 VPs for the complete set. It is also possible to purchase one or more cosmetics for only 1275VP. The Chromedek bundle is already available in the shop, for around six more days.