New Orion skins in the Valorant shop

After the Revanche de Gaïa collectionRiot Games unveils new skins for Valorant entitled Orion. Available to buy now, these cosmetics are reminiscent of the franchise's mechas. Gundamand the visual style of Borderlands.

In this new bundle of skins, you'll get a skin for the Phantom, the Vandal, the Odin and the Frenzy. As usual, the melee weapon also has a special version. The designers have opted for a sword one-handed. It's not the first time that the studio has offered us long blades; we remember the katana, for example. the Oni 2.0 bundle or the sword of the Ruine collection.

To get your hands on this complete new collectionyou will have to pay 5 100 VPs. Note that the pack does not appear to include a player card or gunbuddy. What's more, there's no alternative version, and no finisher. Of course, it's also possible to buy each item separately: weapon skins cost 1275 VPwhile the sword alone is displayed at 2550VP.

Prices for Orion skins in Valorant

As always, this collection will only be available for a limited period. You'll be able to buy the Orion skins until the end of October.