Learn all the pro techniques on Mandatory

VALORANT is now officially available! At Mandatory, our ambition is to allow you to follow the latest news on Valorant, but also and above all to help you improve on this tactical FPS as rich as challenging. In addition to our many guides, we are offering you today a brand new page dedicated to the advanced use of abilities through videos!

Mastering each Agent and each of their ability on each map requires a lot of time and studying. In order to make it easier, we've created a real database of tricks and tips to use depending on the situations you will encounter. You will find videos of each pro technique that will allow you to turn things around in more than one game!

Our page allow you to filter the techniques very easily through several criteria: by map, side, spot, Agent or ability.

Mandatory: Mastering professional skills

How to optimally place Cypher's cameras? How to shoot a Sova's arrow from your spawn to bomb site? Which angles allow you to cover two entrances with only one Viper's Toxic Screen? So many questions, and more, will be answered on this page.

Find our page dedicated to pro techniques.

Don't hesitate to keep this page in your favourites and to check it during your loading times or buy phases to review the skillshots you could make during your match.

Of course, this page will constantly evolve. We'll update when new Agents, new Maps and as soon as new techniques appear. As such, we will soon add the techniques we still miss, as well as those that we'll discover on Ascent.