The Z Event 2022 Programme

The time is long gone when the Z Event was held in a garage that was too small for its occupants. For the past few years, the Z Event has been the occasion to attend many shows and animations organised by the different streamers. Here is the programme of the main events of the Z Event 2022!

Of course, this programme is only based on the shows and animations announced by the streamers. The chaos of the Z Event will probably give rise to other unexpected concepts and it is not certain that the schedules will not vary.

Thursday, 7pm - The Z Event 2022 Musical Showcase

The Z Event will once again be preceded by a large concert featuring various French-speaking artists. On the programme, you will find LittleBigWhale and PV Novaaccompanied by a small orchestra, but also French Fuze, Berywam, BigFlo and Oliand finally Soprano which keeps its promise from last year.

You can follow the concert on the Z Event Channel.

Friday, 6pm - Z Event 2022 begins

It's the start of a marathon lasting just over 50 hours! The various streamers launch their lives, present their donation goals and the party can begin.

Friday, 11pm - Lapi's Croc Lanta

Lapi The marathon starts with a test of skill and nerves. The participating streakers, divided into duos, will compete on various board games such as Jenga. Between each phase, general knowledge questions will be asked and the losers will have to have a strong stomach.

Saturday, 01:00 - Who won? with Baghera Jones

Baghera Jones will be the master of lively debates on various topics of her choice. This will be an opportunity to appreciate the adaptability and oratory skills of the various guests who will discover the topics on the spot.

Saturday, 12:00 - LPO Role Play

FibreTigre becomes the Game Master for an adventure on the theme of the Bird Protection League. Alphacast, AngleDroit, MisterMV and Ultia will find themselves in different scenarios forcing them to make difficult decisions.

Saturday, 2pm - SeaSheperd Role Play

This time, Lynkus which takes the controls of a role-playing game on the theme of Sea Shepherds. Four adventurers, Gom4rt, LittleBigWhale, Uncle, Un33dIn this way, they can take to the sea on an adventure in contact with the aquatic fauna.

Saturday, 2.30 pm - Le Sport Alpha

Alphacast and its sports coach offer us a muscular sports session with some exchanges in a boxing ring on the programme.

Saturday, 5pm - The Master of the Flowers of Ponce

Ponce puts on his floral presenter's coat for an exceptional Flower Master. On the set, the various streamers will be able to play with the community on a series of general culture questions.

Saturday, 8pm - Questions for a Streamer

For the third year in a row, Stars is organising a great inter-street quiz with an exceptional co-host: Alain Chabat. For the occasion, it will be a Questions for a Steamer with a touch of Burger Quiz.

Sunday, 01:00 - DJ Set at Shaunz

Shaunz lets Worakls replace his microphone with turntables and invites six artists for a nightly music show.

Sunday, 1.30 pm - Xari's Password

Patrice Laffont has to be careful, as it is the turn of Xari to present its version of the game show Pyramids, recently reinvented as Mot de Passe. Pairs of streakers will have to play with words and their meanings to win the different games.

Sunday, 2pm - Skateboarding with Jean Massiet and Kenny

If they reach their donations goals, Jean Massiet and Kenny demonstrate their skateboarding skills, live from the Z Event.

Sunday, 3pm - Alpha Sport, the return

If he survives his Saturday session, AlphaCast puts on the gloves for a new sports stream with his coach. According to his donations goals, he has to face Lynkus and Poca.

Sunday, 4pm - Who will be the best trainer? with Jeel

Jeel is organising a show on the theme of Pokémon. The programme includes quizzes, blind tests and a whole series of events on the theme of pocket monsters.

Sunday, 8pm - The Weakest Link by Solary

Wakz is once again dressed as Laurence Boccolini. Thus transformed and inhabited by the spirit of the presenter, he hosts a terrible "Maillon Faible" (weak link) opposing 9 streammers who will have to collaborate as well as put obstacles in each other's way.