The next Valorant Agent will be a Duelist

After Gekko the Initiator and more recently Deadlock the Sentinel, Riot Games is preparing to introduce a new Duelist in Valorant. At present, we have very little information about it. We do, however, know that it will have an unexpected kit at its disposal. This new agent could also originate from from China.

A new Duelist in Valorant

Just a few days ago, Riot Games published a video and a press release entitled États des Agents to discuss the integration of Gekko and Deadlock into the meta. However, what interests us most here is obviously the part devoted to the new Valorant Agent.

The appearance of another Agent in the game is nothing new. We already knew in February that the studio was planning add other Agents to the FPS. While the developers were very clear about the role of the first two, they were silent about the third.

After several months of waiting, the silence has been broken. As John GoscickiProducer of the characters, it will be a Duelist. This brings the total number of Agents in this class to seven.

For more information on roles, please refer to our guide for Valorant classes.

Of course, the studio has not revealed the Agent's skills, but it does say that he will delight players who enjoy "chaining frags together, and spending hours clicking on orbs in training to reach a nice 5K". We can therefore expect a character based on loveJust like with Jett and Chamber.

In addition, Rioter specifies that this new Agent will provide "A surprise you'd never expect in Valorant". And we know just how capable the developers are of creating original characters - Gekko is perfect proof of that. As usual, we've been looking for elements that might give clues about the future Agent's kit.

The next Valorant Agent will be a Duelist - valorant battlepass episode7 act2 rewards free 15 -

It was only natural that we should turn to Passe de Combat, which is often full of juicy facts. By scanning the latestOur attention was drawn to the map above, entitled Bulletproof. If this card does indeed bear its name and refers to the next Agent, then it could be able to take bullets. If that's the case, it would make him a Duelist of choice for rushes on some sites, if not all.

In our search for answers, we have also selected an e-mail sent by Killjoy to Brimstone It has been available on the desktop since patch 7.06: "I've analysed the scans of Kingdom West provided by Sova, but I haven't found any Omega particles. If Legion or Atlas agents had been there, they would have left traces everywhere. Scientifically, we can rule out the involvement of Earth Omega in this affair. That said, there was something strange in the security circuits... A residual image due to the jamming technology of an intruder? Raze says it looks like an hourglass.

Here we have two important pieces of information: the jamming and the hourglass. The new Agent could be capable of covering its tracks in one way or anotherWhy not alter what the players see? The hourglass may refer to time. Although this seems highly unlikely, time manipulation could part of its remit. Which would be a real surprise!

Another agent from China?

Riot Games likes to tease the origins of future Agents in different ways - visuals or communications - as was the case with de Chamber or de Fade.

In the State of the Agents article, Valorant's future Duelist makes his first appearance via a gourmet image! The artwork features a typically Chinese dish, the Hot Pota kind of shared fondue made with broth, meat, fish and other accompaniments. The illustration is reminiscent of the menu in the famous Chinese restaurant chain Uncle Fong Hot Pot Restaurant.

The future Duelist of Valorant is possibly from China.

In addition, the original image is entitled Duckbloodwhich refers to a dish that is particularly popular in certain regions of China. Here we go again, China could be in the spotlight through the FPS Agents. Sage is originally from this country.

This would not be particularly surprising, given that Valorant is now available throughout France. It would even be a great way to celebrate the beginnings of the FPS in China, as well as the appearance of the new Chinese League in 2024.

We don't have a release date yet, but the Tweet mentions Episode 7, Act 3, so there's a good chance the Agent will be shown ahead of the Game Changers Championship Finalwhich takes place on 3 December, as the studio often takes advantage of major events to make the transition between two Acts and unveil new content.