The first VCT 2024 Masters will be held in Madrid

The Valorant Champions has not yet come to an end, Riot Games is already presenting the future of Valorant esport for VCT 2024. Thanks to various press releases, we have learned that the first Masters of the season will be held in Madridin Spain.

Date of the Masters Madrid - VCT 2024

Thanks to the latest publication from Riot Gameswe know the exact dates of the Masters Madrid :

  • Swiss system phase: from 14 to 18 March,
  • Playoffs: 21, 22, 23 and 24 March,

During the first two editions of the VCT, the best teams in the world competed against each other on several occasions before the Valorant Champions, through various Masters. Last year saw the introduction of international leagues, Riot Games has chosen to remove the first Masterin favour of Lock In Brazil. However, the American firm had made it clear that this change in format was only temporary, and that we would see several Masters again in 2024. While this has yet to be confirmed, it is now a fact.

We already knew that a Masters was planned in Shanghai next year, but today we have confirmation that another inter-regional LAN will punctuate the forthcoming season. This will in fact be the first Masters of 2024. It will be held in Madridin Spain.

The fact that Riot Games has turned to Madrid is hardly surprising. Spain has been involved in the development of the esports scene since the first year of the game's life. Visit Team Hereticsthe iconic Spanish structure, launched Valorant in 2020 and even won the First Strike EU. It is also one of the organisations that has helped to reveal some of the region's talent, such as pAura, nukkye and Amilwa. Today, Spain also has a strong presence in the EMEA League, with KOI, Team Heretics and Giants Gaming among the ten franchised structures.

In a second communicationThe Valorant Esport teams have released more information about the Masters. In particular, we have learned that that it will take place in March 2024. In addition, Léo FariaThe FPS esport manager explains that only eight teams will be taking part. The teams will be selected through an internal tournament in each leaguewhich will last several weeks. With China set to become a fourth region in its own right next year, the Madrid Masters will bring together the two best-performing teams in each League.

Slot allocation for the Masters Madrid - VCT 2024

Slot allocation - Masters Madrid - VCT 2024

The Valorant Champions Tour 2024 promises to be even bigger than what we've seen so far. We can't wait to bring you this new season!