Valorant's new agent seems to be called Iso

[Updated 19 October] Riot Games has confirmed Iso's name in a trailer and even revealed the character's skills !

The mystery surrounding the new agent of Valorant is gradually becoming clearer. Riot Games has potentially revealed its identity, Isoin a thumbnail of a video from the FPS's YouTube channel. In other news, this new Duelist could be a real assassin, which will appeal to a number of gamers!

For several weeks now, Riot Games has been revealing more and more information about Agent 24 of Valorant. John GoscickiProducer of the characters, announced the arrival of a new Duelist. This was followed by a series of posts in which Raze, Killjoy, Astra and the other members of Protocol Valorant are surprised by the precision of a target spotted by Cypher. There's no doubt that the studio was referring to this future Agent, especially since in the last postCypher speaks expressly "a new recruit.

This as yet unknown individual could well be be called Iso. For several hours now, this name has been circulating on the networks following a leak, without any confirmation from Riot. However, there has been no confirmation from Riot, a pending video on the official FPS channel seems to validate this identity. The thumbnail shows in large type ISOand the words Agent Reveal Trailer. According to the timer, we should have more information at 5pm, this Thursday 19 October.

In our quest to find out even more about this new Agent, we naturally turned to the emails available in Brimstone's office. With the recent patch 7.08a new communication has appeared: Cypher speaks of a hitman ready to join their ranks and even of a murderer.

Valorant's new agent could be an assassin.

These data are interesting because they could reflect a capacity of the Agent that we had not yet considered, namely use of a silent mode. Could he even be able to make himself invisible? It's not entirely impossible, given that John Goscicki had said that Agent 24 would bring "a surprise you would never have expected in Valorant"..

As the perfect hitman, this Agent will certainly benefit from skills that enable him to hit his targets more easily, such as for example a magnetbot or a spell to reduce weapon recoil. We can't wait to find out!