The new Valorant Progression System.

Riot Games announced last week that everything the progression system of Valorant is changing with the launch of Episode 7. Whether you want to unlock agents, gain experience or complete missions, from now on you'll have to go through this new system, with its daily missions and Kingdom credits.

Kingdom Credits and the Kingdom Shop

Before going into the details of the new system, let's talk about a new in-game currency: Kingdom loans.

These pieces represent free money independent of experience. They can only be earned by playing Valorant, completing daily or weekly missions, or reaching free Combat Pass levels.

With these parts, you can buy items in the Kingdom Shop or Agent contracts. Since you can't own more than 10,000 Kingdom credits, you'll have to spend them regularly rather than accumulating them.

The Kingdom Boutique is a shop accessible from the main menu, offering items for purchase. Just like the classic shop, the items it contains will change regularly, at the rate of one rotation per week. All players will be offered different items.

The new Valorant Progression System. - mandatory news valorant progression boutique kingdom -

These will all be items from previous Battle Passes that are no longer available. Please note, the shop contains no skins. It only includes good luck charms, graffiti, cards and titles. Items that were in the last three Combat Passes cannot appear in the shop.

Daily Missions and Daily Stages

The daily mission system has been completely overhauled. From now on, you'll be able to complete daily missions in all game modes (except Deathmatch) to unlock experience and Kingdom credits more easily.

In addition to these daily missions, there are daily levels. Every day, you can reach 4 different levels, each representing a bonus of experience and Kingdom credits. Each level is made up of 4 stages, each of which also yields a small bonus in experience and Kingdom credits. This means that you can win up to 16 bonuses every day (12 small and 4 large).

  • Making progress of a stage for each round won in the Unranked, Ranked, Velocity and First games.
  • Making progress of two stages for each Spike Rush, Intensification and Team Deathmatch match.
The new Valorant Progression System. - mandatory news valorant progression dailies -

If you don't progress any stages for a whole day or more, the rewards for the first stage are doubled for the following day. This bonus is not cumulative. You cannot stop playing for 7 days to benefit from rewards multiplied by 7.

Agent Recruitment Event

Agent contracts will be replaced by recruitment events. When a new Valorant Agent becomes available, a recruitment event will automatically be launched for each player.

The event lasts 28 days and works like a mini-battle pass. All the experience gained over the 28 days progresses the player towards Agent recruitment. Once enough experience has been accumulated, the Agent is unlocked free of charge on your account. The experience required is equivalent to the experience needed to complete an Agent contract, but you also earn Kingdom credits during your games.

The new Valorant Progression System. - mandatory news valorant progression agent recruitment -

If the Agent has not been unlocked during the event, the player will have to spend Kingdom credits to buy the Agent. This also applies to all Agents released to date. Agents can still be purchased with Valorant Points to unlock them immediately.

Items that were linked to Agent contracts can now be purchased at any time, for Kingdom credits.

What about Xbox Game Pass subscribers?

Xbox Game Pass subscribers always own all the Agents in the game, as long as they are subscribers. However, they can still take part in the recruitment events for new Agents in order to unlock them in the event that they end their subscription.

Players with Xbox Game Pass will earn experience bonuses to unlock Agents faster.

For new players

New players will always start Valorant with the New Recruits Contract. This contract will always offer tokens to unlock the Agents of their choice and get them off to a good start in Valorant. However, these tokens cannot be used to unlock a new Agent whose recruitment event is in progress.

The new progression system will start 27 June 2023 and will arrive with patch 7.00, just like MME mode. If you have an Agent contract in progress, hurry up and finish it before this date, or you'll lose all the progress you've made so far!