The Valorant Night Market returns in May 2024

Now's the time to get new skins at bargain prices thanks to the Night Market of Valorant. A new session opens its doors in May 2024You may be lucky enough to find some cosmetics on sale. You may be lucky enough to find cosmetics from Oni 2.0 or Primordium !

Date of the next Marché Nocturne

Thanks to the Night Market, you may have the chance to pick up skins from the following collections Mystbloom or KuronamiBut you don't want to miss out! So make a note of the dates for the next session. The market doors will be open from 23 May to 13 June 2024 inclusive.

While it is normally possible to purchase the majority of cosmetics through this shop, certain skins (XERØFANG Vandal, XERØFANG Ghost and Prism//Reloaded Outlaw) will not be available during this session as indicated by Preeti KhanolkarLead Producer for skins.

What is the Marché Nocturne?

There are several shops in Valorant, four to be precise. The main shopThis allows you to buy skins when new collections appear - as is the case with the Royal Bundle at the moment - for a limited time, after which they can no longer be purchased.

The other permanent shop, the annexe shopIt offers a number of items for sale - player cards, gunbuddies, titles and graffiti - but no skins in sight. Recently, you can also find the Esport ShopIn this section, you can pick up rubbers in the colours of the VCT teams.

In fact, the only way to buy skins outside the main and esport shops is via of the Night Market. Unlike the other two, this boutique is ephemeral. And while the main boutique is dedicated solely to new collections, the Marché Nocturne allows you to buy skins from all past bundleswith the exception of Valorant Champions.

The content of your Marché Nocturne is unique

While this already makes it an interesting shop, what makes the Marché Nocturne even more attractive is the fact that skins are sold at reduced prices. Discounts vary, but are always advantageous. For example, when the Couteau Papillon Marché Noir is offered at 2521VP, you save almost 30%. Please note that the content of the Night Market is unique to each playerSo it's more than likely that you won't have any of the skins shown above.

How does it work?

To use the Night Market, click on the mapvisible at the top right of the main screen. It is only present when the Market is actually active. Then all you have to do is click on each of the six cards to turn them over and discover the skins on sale.

The Night Market icon is located at the top right of the main menu.
Click on the Night Market cards to reveal their contents