Game Changers America once again faces controversy

The American edition of Game Changers Series 3 is still in the news for the wrong reasons since the suspension of a player from the team that won the tournament. It's a series of events that could damage a highly commendable initiative by Riot Games.

An initial case of cheating

Last week, we learned the disqualification of the Noot Noot team in the final Game Changers NA tree. One of her players was accused of cheating and the Riot Games teams confirmed everyone's suspicions... but far too late. Between the initial reports and the disqualification, Noot Noot had time to play against 8 teams, including favourites, who were wrongly eliminated.

The affair has already caused a stir and cast doubt on the integrity of Valorant competitions. The general consternation became even more visible when Disguised Toastthe owner of the favourite team of the tournament, but eliminated by Noot Noot, shared his disgust on his YouTube channel. At the time of writing, the video already has 878,000 views in just 5 days.

KeenC, excluded from Evil Geniuses GC

Today, it's a case of a completely different kind that is making headlines following the exposure of the behaviour of KeenCa team player Evil Geniuses GC. This behaviour prompted the organisation, which won the Game Changers, to immediately part ways with the player.

Following the broadcast of a discussion with a player in which KeenC revealed himself openly misogynist As well as making inappropriate sexual remarks, many female players who have crossed his path have shared their bad experiences with him. More often than not, these are insistent questions about the sex lives of his female callers, despite the fact that they have complained and asked him to stop.

But the story went even further when messages and conversations called into question even KeenC's gender identity. The player is said to have contacted a number of people on the scene in order to establish the best strategy for penetrating the VCT Game Changers, even if it means carrying out a false coming-out in order to enter the tournament. KeenC would then have gone through the identity verification processes of Riot Games and AnyKeytheir partners in the Game Changers organisation, specialising in equity and gender issues.

Faced with all these revelations, Evil Geniuses has decided to part company with KeenC, and has made this known in a public statement. KeenC, for his part, has deleted his accounts on all social networks in order to make himself forgotten. Some of his accusers have chosen to lock their accounts in order to escape the wrath of KeenC and the structure's fans, as well as the disparaging comments of players who are less open to gender issues.

Game Changers, a circuit under construction

Some people then ask the legitimacy of Evil Geniuses GC's victoryNot technically, as with Noot Noot, but ethically. Evil Geniuses GC has just qualified for the Game Changers World Championships with a player who does not meet the league's participation criteria.

So there were two teams who disrupted the normal course of the American Valorant Game Changers, undermining the credibility of this parallel scene to the VCT. That said, it's important to remember that the Game Changers remain an important initiative in the sporting landscapeAnd above all, it's a new scene. The way it works is very different from the VCT, which means that mistakes and abuses can still occur. Unlike the VCT, which is reserved for well-established teams selected on the basis of their records, Game Changers tournaments are intended to be as open as possible, which makes them more vulnerable to this type of situation. But they should in no way call into question the need for an environment reserved for marginalised genres in esport.

Riot Games and Evil Geniuses could probably have intervened earlier in these two cases, which would have prevented so many players on the circuit from being harmed. These incidents are bound to Scratch the image of the Game Changers. But the important thing now is for everyone involved to learn from their mistakes so that they are not repeated, and to constantly improve this competitive environment.

As far as Evil Geniuses is concerned, this affair comes at a time when the organisation is already in a special situation in terms of image. After having won the VCT Championsthe structure is said to have halved the salaries of its players and would prevent them from leaving. For the time being, they will have to find a way of replacing KeenC if they want to claim the second Valorant world championship title of 2023.