Le French Tap: Bramz and HyP compete right in front of ZeratoR

A new explosive BO3 between two teams coached by Bramz and HyP is coming up. These two teams are made up of players from each other's communities. Together with ZeratoR, they will be in the cast on Wednesday 16th June to follow the match on Mandatory Twitch channel.

The French Tap is back! Two new coaches enter the arena for an exceptional showmatch.

The concept is simple: Bramz and HyP have selected players from their community to compose two teams that they will coach during training sessions broadcasted on their respective Twitch channels. These teams will then compete in a BO3 commented by ZeratoR and the two coaches.

This time, we tried to raise the level a bit. If the first French Tap opposing Bazy to WiPR was reserved for Platinum to Diamond players, the players selected for this new edition must now be Diamond only !

Four evenings of training

You will be able to follow the training sessions of the two coaches on their Twitch channels. Each of the coaches will spend two evenings with their players to train them and establish different strategies. These are didactic moments, led by professionals, which allow to highlight the differences between the solo game and the team game.

The trainings of Bramz will take place on 11th and 14th June, on:
The trainings of HyP will take place on 13th and 15th June, on:

Follow t he French Tap with ZeratoR

The two teams will meet on Wednesday 16th June at 8pm on Mandatory's Twitch channel, in an exceptional BO3 commented by the two coaches. They will by joined by ZeratoR as a neutral and objective matchmaker. This will be an opportunity to follow the match in a god atmosphere and general bad faith for the coaches who will support their protégés.

Le French Tap : Bramz et HyP s'affrontent sous les yeux de ZeratoR - valorant mandatory french tap zerator bramz hyp -

See you for the training sessions on 11th, 13th, 14th and 15th June, and for the final match on Wednesday 16th June!