Disguised withdraws from Valorant's Game Changers circuit

Disguised has decided to release its women's roster before the start of the next Game Changers America season. The directors explain this choice by a loss of confidence in Riot Games' and Valorant's anti-cheating systemtheir team having lost an important match in Series 3, largely due to a cheat in the opposing team.

A case of cheating in Game Changers

Many content creators choose to invest in esports by creating their own structure, as is the case of Jeremy Wang, aka Disguised Toast. Last January, the streamer unveiled a brand new Valorant roster for the VCL North America Open Qualifier, alongside the creation of his club, Disguised.

A few months later, the group unveiled a second team, this time for women. This was DSG's debut on the Game Changers America circuit. The first line-up had little success, but the second managed to come third in the GC Series 2 tournament and qualify for the next one.

In this third and final competition of the season, Katarina and her comrades might have been able to shine, had they not encountered noot noot in their path. The DSG players lost 1-2 after a heartbreaking match and were then eliminated for good by Evil Geniuses GC.

There are always teams that win and teams that lose, so the story could have ended there. But that was without taking into account the various clips posted on the networks, incriminating malibua player from the noot noot team. After verification by Riot Games, it appeared that she had resorted to a form of cheating.

Loss of confidence in Riot Games' tools

The affair did not go unnoticed and everyone was waiting to see how Riot would handle the noot noot victories in the tournament. noot noot has been disqualifiedUnfortunately, it was too late to replay either match. In the end, Evil Geniuses GC were crowned champions.

This tournament has definitely left a bitter taste in the mouths of the players and the directors of the various participating organisations. Disguised Toast himself shared his disappointment and sadness with his followers. He expressed his incomprehension at the situation, citing the fact that "that it should never have been so easy to cheat in a tournament".. Although he didn't explicitly say he wanted to leave the Valorant scene, his comments did hint at the possibility.

So it's not all that surprising to learn that Disguised wishes to retire from the sceneat least temporarily. In the press release, the organisation explains that because of this matter, it prefers to wait for Riot Games' anti-cheating tools to become more effective to get back involved in Valorant.

Obviously, the club does not wish to stand in the way of its players and has chosen to release them from their obligations so that they can find a new structure before next season. Katarina, lazylion, unstable and misu are now free agents and open to opportunities. Hannahfor her part, has announced his retirement from the competition to concentrate on his studies.

Cheating is always a major concern for Riot Games. Recently, the studio published a state in the fight against cheatsin which he shared, among other things, information about VAN:RESTRICTION, a new tool to increase the integrity of games in Valorant. Hopefully we won't see any more "noot noot cases" in official matches in the future.

And above all, don't cheat... the important thing is to have fun!