Valorant's new map is said to be located in Los Angeles

A new trailer posted on Valorant's official social networks suggests that the next FPS map could be located in Los Angeles Countyin the United States. No information on this subject has yet been confirmed, but we invite you to discover the clues that lead us to this conclusion.

Riot Games has mastered the art of revealing details about future Valorant content through videos, battle pass maps and in-game emails and messages. Find out more about the possible new map for the FPS, we analysed various elements.

First things first. As soon as the Combat Pass from Act 1 of Episode 7 came out, we scoured the various player cards looking for something interesting. Our attention was drawn to the one entitled Magic Hourwhich you can see below.

The new Valorant map will be in Los Angeles - valorant battlepass episode7 act1 rewards free 15 -

The street lined with palm trees, as well as shimmering colours in the setting sun immediately brought to mind California and, by the same token, the city of Los Angeles. However, it was entirely possible that this visual simply echoed the Valorant Champions, which is taking place at this very moment. in Los Angeles.

The study of recent emails and messages left on Brimstone's answering machine did not help us in our investigation. However, the latest trailer released a few days ago has changed the game.

The short video features Deadlock and Cypher in a spy truck.
At the Valorant Champions, Riot has designed a real surveillance truckOn The Low Tacos", vehicle that made several stops in Los Angeles. Take a close look at the truck in the video - it's indeed the truck we've just mentioned. So our duo could also be in the Californian city right now.

The Cypher Truck "On The Low Tacos
Cypher's truck can be seen in the latest Valorant trailer

A little later in the trailer, we understand that the Valorant Protocol is still monitoring the Kingdom company. When Cypher opens the files on the USB stick brought by Deadlock - at 25s to be exact - he finds out that Kingdom is still under surveillance. a plan can be seen. That's an interesting point! In the past, Riot had already incorporated a detailed plan of a city (Lisbon) before the Pearl map was revealed, and it turned out to be Lisbon on Omega-Earth. So we took a closer look.

The first thing that struck us was the general architecture of the town long, straight streets in a grid pattern, which made us think of American cities, and in finein Los Angeles. We can easily understand if you're not convinced by this detail, but the following elements will convince you.

A shot of Los Angeles appears in the latest Valorant trailer

If we look at a map of the Los Angeles region A closer look reveals that the visible map actually corresponds to an area to the west of the city. At the very bottom, you'll find San Pedro BayAt this point, you'll come across Long Beach, Signal Hill, Lakewood, Paramount, Bellflower, Downey, Bell Gardens and Commerce. At this point, you can finally see the east side of Los Angeles, as well as Downtown and Boyle Heights.

The file open on the screen also shows a targeted area (the big dot), which is actually located between route 60 and route 5, at the level of Montebello, California. A quick Google search shows that the city comprises many palm treeslike those on the Combat Pass map. This type of palm tree can also be seen in the first few seconds of the trailer, before Deadlock enters the truck. No more doubts about the location! The Agents are in California.

What also allows us to envisage that the next Valorant map is located near Los Angeles, and that it is no longer simply a link with the Valorant Champions, lies in the fact that the Valorant Protocol is particularly interested in this area. The agents keep an eye on it, and some of them wander around, notably Gekko. It's not unlike what happened with Lotus. Shortly before Riot Games unveiled this (old) new map, we had the opportunity to follow the progress of the Agentsto a place that was none other than the temple on the map.

The tweet is also accompanied by a message stating that more details and secrets to be revealed on 26 August. This date is not insignificant: it corresponds to the day of the Valorant Champions Grand Final, a truly exceptional event.

Riot Games often takes advantage of major VCT events to unveil new maps and agents. Knowing that Deadlock appeared not so long agoWith Lotus having been out for over seven months now, it's much more likely that we'll be seeing an announcement about Valorant's new card. Suspense...