Karmine Corp splits from its Valorant roster

Since last September, we have known that Valorant players from Karmine Corp were allowed to explore their options for next season. While there were still some doubts as to whether or not certain riders would be part of the roster for the 2024 VCT, the vagueness has now been dispelled. We now know that the future team will be almost entirely rebuilt.

Unlike Fnatic and Team Liquid, Karmine Corp failed to rise to the top of the table during the VCT EMEA. What's more, 2023 was a particularly complex year for the French club. For the record, KCORP only managed to win only two matches in nine during the League's regular season and the structure found itself at the centre of attention when ZE1SH was forced to take Newzera's placefollowing the announcement of his departure.

However, these results have no impact on the organisation's slot in the League. The Karmine will therefore be back in the game in 2024, and with a view to restoring its reputation, it has chosen to start almost from scratch. The group has made it official the departure of some members and the withdrawal of others. Ryad 'Shin' Ensaad does not seem to be affected by the announcement and could therefore still be active next year.

Presumably, ScreaM, Nivera and xms are still looking for a new project for the coming year. For the time being, they remain members of KCORP, but will not be part of the roster in 2024. On the X social networkxms took the opportunity to thank the directors and fans for their unconditional support during this dark period.

In its press release, xms also mentions his regrets about the past year "I made the same mistakes as in 2017 by accepting too many things and wanting to put aside my strengths and certain promises for the good of the team, where I should have imposed myself and directly changed the direction the team was going to take." There's nothing easy about teamwork, especially at this level of competition and pressure. While it's good to make concessions for the common good, should you always put your values aside?

In the interview recently posted on the Karmine account, pmthe former head coach, explains that he, too, has had to understand a great deal throughout the season, indicating that he has had to "accept and tolerate many things, so that things can move forward and improve".. He now looks to the future in a different way, saying that as a coach he will "will not compromise so much on these values". afterwards.

In spite of everything, he is very grateful for his time with the organisation and says that what is coming up "is going to be great". and should delight the Ultras and other KCORP fans. We can't wait to see who the future representatives of the Blue Wall will be!