The Invitation division of Premier mode offers access to Challengers

Riot Games has never hidden its desire to make Premier mode the new way to access the professional scene on Valorant. After a few months' silence on the subject, the project is taking shape thanks to the new Invitation divisionwhich will be added at the launch of Episode 9.

A new division to reach the pro scene!

Premier mode now has 6 distinct divisions
Invitation, 6th Division Premier

While there have already been five different divisions in the Premier so far, a sixth, dubbed the Invitationwill be added from Act 1 of Episode 9 of Valorant.

The aim of this new division is none other than to embody the most competitive in-game environment for the best teams who want to reach the next level.

In fact, it will be part a genuine Pro Career modewhich is likely to be rolled out at the same time. While the teams that win the play-offs in the other divisions will be promoted to the next division up, those that win in the Invitation division will have a chance to play in the final. access to the Challengers Leaguesvia promotional tournaments.

EMEA Promotion Path - Premier - 2024

Although the Invitational division won't be available straight away, you'll be able to fight for access to it as early as Act 3 of Episode 8. Riot Games has stated that the winners of the playoffs in the Conccurent division will automatically get a slot. Any team finishing in the top 32 after the end of the tournament will also acquire a slot.

Schedule for the next Premier session

If you're interested in taking part, here's the full schedule for the next Premier session, as well as the maps that will be played each week.

Premier Planning - Session Episode 8 Act 3
Premier Schedule - Playoffs - Session Episode 8 Act 3

Change of format in Invitation and Conccurent

In order to be as competitive as possible, the Premier mode format will be modified at the launch of Episode 9. Only the divisions Invitation and counterpart will be affected by the following changes:

  • Each week, all teams will be required to take part in two events on that week's map,
  • In the event of defeat, teams will no longer receive any points (compared with 25 at present),
  • The matches will pit teams with similar histories against each other and will benefit from rematch protection,
  • If an odd number of teams turn up for an event, the team with the lowest Premier score will be exempt from the first match,
  • Qualification for the play-offs will not depend on the Premier score. It is the ranking at the end of the weekly matches that will send the best teams to the tournament.
  • At the end of the play-off tournament, Premier will promote the teams according to the final ranking at the end of the phase.

From now on, teams playing in these two divisions will no longer be able to add new players to the roster unless they meet the following criteria the eligibility criteria for the Conccurent division.

Find out more about this game mode in our guide to Premier.