The Vengeance of Gaia collection of skins returns in Valorant

In mid-September, Riot Games presented Intergrade skins in Valorant. The latter will soon be replaced by a line familiar to gamers, the Gaïa's revenge. The programme features similar cosmetics but different weapons, and always beautiful finishers.

The cosmetics in the Vengeance de Gaïa collection pay homage to Nature. These weapons come from a magical forest that is older than humanity itself.. Their roots draw their strength from the bowels of the Earth. Normally, they're used to protect the forest, but you can also use them to eliminate your opponents in style!

Riot Games unveiled these skins for the first time in March 2022, during the of the second Act of Episode 4. At the time, the bundle included a liner for the Vandal, Ghost, Guardian, Marshal and melee weapon. The latter took the form of a superb, colourful axe. As well as offering an interesting design - a mix of roots and crystals - this collection features a unique finisher The last departed soul returns to Earth and reappears in the form of a huge tree.

Unsurprisingly, for this re-release, the studio has chosen to decorate other weapons, namely the Ares, the Bucky, the Shorty and the Phantom. The melee weapon also gets an alternative version. You'll be able to take advantage of two separate blades with the same general design: a sort of hunting knife and a small axe.

This is not the first time that the design teams have unveiled two blades instead of a single knife. This was already the case with the Sarmad collection. It's also possible that you'll need to buy a premium version to be able to use both weapons, but nothing has been said about this yet.

The finisher of the Vengeance of Gaia skins conjures up a huge tree

Aficionados finishers will be delighted to learn that the magic tree is also present. And the different colours also seem to be on board. As a reminder, This collection is available in four versions: white and red, blue and brown, green and brown and red and brown. You're bound to find something to suit you!

The studio has not given a price, but it's more than likely that the bundle - card and gunbuddy included - will be available for 7100 CARSAs was the case for the previous episode. As for the release date, it's a safe bet that we'll have to wait until the start of the third Act of Episode 7, when we'll be able to discover Valorant's new Duelist!