L1NK leaves Team Liquid and joins Acend

As the Last Chance Qualifier EMEA, Acend reinforces and completes its roster. The fifth and final player in the team is none other than L1NK, who was previously with Team Liquid.

If Acend won the Valorant Champions 2021 and established itself as the best team last year, it has not been as successful during this VCT 2022. The mixed results during the first Challengers EMEA resulted in significant changes to the roster.

BONECOLD and Kiles were then benched and removed from the roster permanently. The structure replaced them with vakk and MONSTEERR. More recently, Acend has also chosen to divest itself of zeek. It was therefore necessary to find one last player for its participation in the Last Chance Qualifier EMEA. The announcement came at the end of last week, and it is finally L1NK who took this available slot.

This player started his Valorant career with the fish123 team, signed by Team Liquid. The structure did not fail to thank him via Twitter, for all the work he has done since the beginning.

Message from L1NK

With the signing of L1NK, Acend now has a particularly versatile medium. Able to play Sage, Astra and Brimstone, he is also comfortable with Omen or Breach, that he has been selected several times during the last few games with Team Liquid. This player is a relevant choice, as he perfectly completes the current roster.

He will make his debut with his new team very soon. The LCQ EMEA starts in a few days. Acend to face M3 Champions (Gambit Esports), in an intense match that should remind us of the final of the Valorant Champions!

L1NK is already ready for the meetings, and sent a clear message to his future opponents:

Anyone that thinks they can stand a chance in the next qualifier, I think you've got something coming.

L1NK - Player ACEND

To follow the Last Chance Qualifier matches, go to VALORANT's Twitch channel from Sunday 7th August.