KOI unveils its roster for the VCT EMEA League 2023

In 2023, the Spanish structure KOI will participate in the VCT within the EMEA League. To try to dominate the region and to impose itself internationally, it will be able to count on the talent of koldamenta, trexx, sheydos and Wolfen. As required by Valorant, the roster must include a total of five players. At present, the organisation is always looking for the last member of its new team.

KOI has entered the Valorant competitive scene by signing some of the players and staff of UCAM Esports Club. Following an unsuccessful attempt to qualify for the 2022 VCT, the team was invited to VRL Spain: Rising. It finished 3/4th in the first split, then placed 9th in the second.

Just like Karmine Corp has left the French-speaking circuit, KOI is leaving the Spanish VRL to join the top level of the competition. Last September, it secured its place in the VCT 2023, ahead of one of the ten franchised structures for the EMEA League. In order to put all the chances of victory on its side, KOI has decided to rebuild its roster: koldamenta, trexx, sheydos and Wolfen are its new representatives. These players are all regulars of the competition and most of them have already participated in the Valorant Champions Tour.

Sheydos will bring his know-how as an Initiator. Ex-Gambit Esports, this player dominated the CIS circuit in 2021. With his former team, he won several Challengers, but also and above all the Berlin Masters 3. During this first edition of the VCT, he even participated in the Valorant Champions, reaching the Grand Final against Acend.

With the acquisition of koldamenta, the structure also has an experienced in-game leader. In the past, he has played for Acend and G2 Esports, with which he successively won Europe's first Masters, and then took 3/4th place in the Berlin Masters. Lately he has been working for Guild Esports, along with trexx. Together with their former teammates, they were among the best teams in the EMEA region, finishing for example third in the Challengers 2 and 7/8th in the Copenhagen Masters.

As for him, Wolfen has not yet had the opportunity to experience competition in the VCT. However, he is still a very good player. He has made a name for himself in the the Spanish VRL, with the structure Case Esports. The latter defeated UCAM Tokiers in the Split 2 final to take the trophy.

Specialised on Chamber, this last player will perhaps change role next year following the nerfs of the Agent. We will have more information about this when the team starts its first match in the LOCK//IN Brazil.