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Kirikou_: Winner of the first Speedrun Challenge

He’s only 16 and yet, Stéven already has a lot of experience in the FPS. On the Mandatory Discord, he’s best known as Kirikou_, a parkour genious who won our Kirikou_ a little parkour genius who won our Speedrun Challenge on the training map of Valorant.

It took him only 71 seconds to clear all the checkpoints and reach the cup at the top of the belfry. To succeed this, he chained Bunny Hops, found his own way and trained very hard.

Kirikou's run in 1:11:31.

We wanted to ask him a few questions.

Mandatory: Do you have a lot of experience in FPS?

Kirikou_: Yeah, I do! I played different Battle Royale for about 1,500 hours. I also have around 1,000 hours of gaming on CS:GO.

Mandatory: And do you have a lot of experience in parkour/speedrun games?

Kirikou_: I have around 400 hours of Bunny Hop practice and CS:GO Surf maps. But it’s the first time I do a parkour speedrun. The first time I speedrun, actually.

Mandatory: How many tries did you make before submitting your time on Mandatory?

Kirikou_: I couldn’t say the number of tries, but in game time, I’d say about 20 hours.

Mandatory: Did you get into Valorant parkour only for this challenge or did you already practice on your side?

Kirikou_: I already had fun on it. I was already trying to improve when ZeratoR announced the 2 challenges. This challenge was an additional motivation!

Mandatory: What were the most difficult obstacles to pass?

Valorant Speedrun Champion

Kirikou_: Clearly, the two bricks right after Checkpoint 10. It’s really hard here. I had to spend several hours just to pass them normally.

Mandatory: You use trajectories of the “normal” parkour path. Did you create your own route on your own or were you inspired by other players?

Kirikou_: As for the first part of the circuit, I optimised everything myself. I even think I could do better. Where I got help was at the first rope. There is a complex technique found by Gahtoh, which allows to cross it very quickly. I also watcher the placements of the world recordman to reproduce his setups and pass obstacles every time.

Mandatory: Do you have a special training rigor? Do you tend to chain runs until it works or do you focus on one obstacle at a time?

Kirikou_: It depends. I spent hours just on certain parts. The bricks I was talking about earlier, for example, required a lot of training to pass them constantly. But apart from a few specific obstacles, it was mostly a series of attempts, unless a new blocking location was found.

Mandatory: Do you think your skill in Parkour makes you a better Valorant player in a normal game?

Kirikou_: I actually think that my experience in parkour makes me better in my movements. Thanks to it, I play more and more with the environment, which often brings me advantages.

Thanks to his talent, Kirikou_ wins a €50 PaySafe Card. Stay tuned for new challenges on Mandatory.GG!