Killu withdraws from Joblife roster

With the end of Split 1 of the VCL, it is time for some teams to make changes. This is the case for Joblife who decides, by mutual agreement with its player, to replace Killu before tackling the rest of the VCL 2023.

Active since the early days of the scene, Killu has been part of many teams including Valar Morghulis, which was seen at the VRL France 2022. His team was eliminated against Zerance during the promotion tournament, but he was still able to participate in the VCL 2023 by joining Joblife. It is alongside YAYAX, rodeN, SoOn and MARCTYLINHO that Killu was able to prove himself as the main Jett of the team. Despite qualifying for the playoffs in Split 1, he eventually fell again to Zerance before reaching the semi-finals.

Since then, the announcement of his departure has been shared through the tweets of Joblifeand Killu himself. According to Killu, Joblife needs to restructure and this is a good opportunity for him to leave the structure and find another team.

Joblife will therefore have to recruit a new element to complete its team in order to be able to start the second Split without Killu. As for Killu, he intends to invest more time in another project. We wish him good luck for the rest of his adventure.