Killjoy – Official revelation of the new Agent of Valorant

After a few weeks of teasing, the new Valorant Agent has just been unveiled on the official Twitter ! The new Agent is in fact a she: Killjoy. This young German specialises in using remotes gadgets to control areas and give her allies an advantage in battle.

At the moment, we officially only have this trailted. But her abilities had already leaked yesterday when the official Valorant website mistakenly posted a character introduction page.

See your summary article of her abilities.

Killjoy is a Sentinel, like Cypher. If the latter uses his traps to gather information, Killjoy will rather undermine the ground and slow down the progress of her opponents. Her Ultimate ability in particular allows her to create a crisis situation for her opponents who have about ten seconds to engage a fight or flee and take cover.

Logically, Killjoy should be available when Act 2 launches , over next week.