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Killjoy banned in competition until further notice

The start ofAct 2 brings so many new game mechanics that it's unfortunately not surprising to see somes bugs coming out. The Patch 1.05 is particularly unstable and pushes Riot to do damage control. Killjoy is therefore banned from competition until further notice.

The nerfs brought to Raze and the new version ofAscent adapted to Deatchmatch had unexpected repercussions. Riot Games was forced to disable both the Agent and the map (for the enjoyment of some).

In this unstable climate, all eyes are on Killjoy. At the moment, the Agent is functioning correctly. While minor changes like the ones mentioned above have had serious consequences, it's a safe bet that a brand new character and all four of their abliities can look like a time bomb. As a precaution, Riot Games has requested that the organisers of the Ignition Series ban the use of Killjoy for now.

To see an official competition undermined by bugs and crashes would be as disastrous for the competition as it is for Riot in terms of image. This decision is therefore completely understandable. But we will have to wait a few more weeks before seeing what the pros will do with the new character.

On the other hand, we are entitled to wonder how a patch can cause so many problems in the game. There would be two factors, more or less linked. The first is of course a certain lack of rigour in the updates of Valorant. The game seems doomed to have big problems with every patch. This is the other side of the coin when trying to update a game regularly, even without having to go through advanced testing periods.

The second reason would be the players' enthusiasm for Killjoy and Deathmatch. According to Valorant's official Twitter account, the game has attracted many curious visitors these last days. Let's bet that didn't help the servers stabilise.

Riot Games makes its employees take a week off during August. Hopefully, these few weeks of pause will give the developers a bit of a break after a particularly stressful year. Or at least get enough rest to avoid mistakes in future patches.