KennyS will not integrate the Valorant stage with OG

It was planned that Kenny Schrub, aka KennyS, will join the VRL France Revolution in the OG team. Unfortunately, the loan between G2 Esports and OG could not be completed for contractual reasons.

The French KennyS, is an excellent player based on Counter Strike Source, then Global Offensive. During his career, he has participated in prestigious tournaments alongside his G2 Esports. They won the Champions Cup Final in 2019 and took second place at the Intel Extreme Masters XIV - World Championship in 2020.

Inactive since March 2021, KennyS has considered a professional career on Riot Games' FPS, as stated in several rumours. This hypothesis was confirmed by the player in a Twitlonger recently published on the networks.

In this open message, KennyS explains that a loan was being considered between G2 and OG, so that he could join VRL France : Revolution for the second split which starts next week. He also explains that it was a short contract, which would have allowed him to test himself on the competitive Valorant scene and showcase his talent:

I was supposed to play professionally on Valorant for a short time (about 2 months) through a loan transfer from G2 to OG. With this opportunity my goal was to prove myself on the Valorant scene and what I was able to do in this game.

KennyS - Via Twitlonger

Unfortunately, and despite the best efforts of both organisations, the transfer has not been validated by Riot Games for contractual reasons. Even if he won't have the opportunity to join the French league, KennyS remains positive and thanks all the people who supported him in this project:

Unfortunately, Riot didn't accept this loan because of contractual reasons, I don't blame anyone, it is what it is. I would like to thank all the people that tried to make it happen, on both G2 & OG. Thank you guys for the support as well, I've seen a lot of positive comments (...)

KennyS - Via Twitlonger

A new opportunity to switch to Valorant may arise in the future. With the hype generated by Overwatch 2, could he also consider a career in this game? What is certain is that the team that welcomes him will gain a real asset!