Karmine Corp qualifies for Game Changers EMEA Series 1

Recently, Karmine Corp's Valorant women's team participated in the Open Qualifiers of the first ever EMEA Game Changers of 2023. Dreadful, LiriLia and her teammates had a string of victories, before being sent to the Last Chance Qualifier. The French did not give up, however, and got two more victories to secure their place in the Main Event.

With the popularity of the Game Changers circuit and the Game Changers Championship last year, it is not surprising that several large organisations have chosen to join the adventure. Last February, the Karmine Corp unveiled its new female roster named Karmine Corp GC.

If part of the teams participating in the Game Changers EMEA Series 1 was invited by Riot Games, the majority of them had to qualify. LiriLia, the captain, and the other four players, matriix, Mel, Nelo and Ninou then joined the Open Qualifier to get their pass for the competition.

They started the tournament with two easy wins against WATER first, and then against The Ultimates Oddyssey. In the next match, the Karmine Corp GC took on the women's team from 3DMax. After winning the first map with ease, they had more difficulty in the second, but still came out on top in this third match.

At this stage of the competition, the potential opponents were all of a good standard. Against the BBL Queens, KC players could not do anything despite their determination. They were simply better on both maps. The defeat did not mean elimination, as KC had one last chance to prove their worth via the Last Chance Qualifier.

During the first round, the French faced the Turkish team of FUT Female. It took three maps and no less than 71 rounds to decide between the two teams, but it was the Karmine Corp that won. The roster's future in the competition depended on the outcome of the next match, which was against FOKUS Sakura.

Throughout the game, Mel and her Killjoy gave their last opponents a hard time, so the KC finally qualified safely, winning both maps. Mel's performance is to be commended, as she finished the match with an excellent KDA of 38/20/4.

The Game Changers EMEA Series 1 will start at the end of April, on the 24th to be exact. If you want to support Karmine Corp or another qualified team, please visit thehTwitch channel of the French Valorant League.