Karmine Corp signs ScreaM, Nivera and XMS for 2023

After a smashing entrance in the VRL France, Karmine Corp reaches the next level of the competition. The structure is one of the 10 teams selected for the VCT 2023 EMEA league, along with Fnatic, Team Liquid and Natus Vincere in particular. In order to compete with these top teams, the Karmine Corp has recruited three extremely talented players, namely ScreaM, Nivera and XMS. Knowing that Newzera and Shin complete the roster, the organisation proposes a 100% French-speaking team.

Already established on Leagues Of Legends, the Karmine Corp launched itself on Valorant during the second Split of the VRL France: Revolution. For the occasion, the organization had signed TakaS, Shin, Newzera, mikee and Amilwa. During the tournament, these five players defended the colours of KCorp with brio and determination. These new challengers were among the best in France and even reached the semi-finals. Unfortunately for them, Team Vitality put a stop to their dream of victory, before finally win the Split against MAD Lions. Despite this defeat, the Karmine Corp players won the third place a very good score after only one split in the competition.

While it is undeniable that these five players have performed well in the VRL, it is equally undeniable that the level in the VCT is one notch higher. To hope to take revenge on Vitality or to compete with behemoths such as Fnatic, Sentinels or DRX, the Karmine Corp has chosen to rebuild its roster.

The team members have been allowed to look for another home for next year. Already very successful in VRL, Newzera, nicknamed Newzeroi, and Shin will have the opportunity to show their full potential at a high level, as their contracts have been renewed.

In addition to these two former recruits, the Karmine Corp will benefit from the expertise and talent of three great players: ScreaM, Nivera and XMS. This real coup will give them a certain visibility in the VCT, but also a real chance to perform in the league and why not qualify for the Valorant Champions.

ScreaM and Nivera are two experienced players from Team Liquid. If ScreaM was one of the founding members of this team, Nivera joined her brother a year later. Ex-professional CS:GO players, they are used to very high level competitions. They even participated in the two editions of the Valorant Champions, after winning the LCQ EMEA 2021 and 2022. We even remember Nivera's feat of launching his career with a superb ACE during his first official game. Knowing that their ex-structure will be present in the league, the matches promise to be electric!

XMS is also an excellent player. He has also played for the Team Finest and Tenstar. Thanks to a very good performance, the latter was bought out by MAD Lions, with the aim of participating in the second VRL France Split. Under this new banner, Alexandre xms Forté, became one of the best players in the competition. At the end of the regular season, his team peaked in first place with 17 wins and only 1 loss. XMS has largely contributed to this feat.

This strong team could be the surprise package of the next year and make it to the top. We can't wait to see the five talents in action in the Kickoff Tournament planned for next February.