Karmine Corp defeats BBL Esports on day three of VCT EMEA 2023

The VCT EMEA 2023 is in full swing. For its first appearance in the tournament, Karmine Corp hit the nail on the head. Nivera, ScreaM, XMS, Newzera and Shin defeated BBL Esports, but not without difficulties. We offer you a short recap of the meeting.

Victory for the Karmine Corp!

MAP 1 - Icebox
Karmine Corp 19 - 17 BBL Esports

MAP 2 - Split
Karmine Corp 13 - 11 BBL Esports

MAP 3 - Lotus
Not played

On this third day, both Karmine Corp and BBL Esports were making their debut in the VCT EMEA at the LOCK//IN Sao Paulo, these two teams have not had the opportunity to meet, so this match was a big first. And what a first it was! Despite a final score of 2-0, in favour of Karmine, the match was extremely close.

Karmine Corp wins against BBL Esports - Map 1
Image from VLR.GG

BBL Esports had chosen Icebox as the opening map. At the end of the first half, neither team managed to get the better of the other. It was a perfect tie. After the change, Karmine Corp came (very) close to winning, leading 12-7 at the end of the twenty-first end. However, the efforts of SouhcNi and his teammates were not in vain: they got over time. At that stage, everything was still possible. In the ten rounds that followed, only the defence emerged victorious from the fierce battles. It took the thirty-sixth round, and 1h44 of play, for one team to win.

Nivera , is no stranger to this victory: with his Killjoy, he stacked 29 eliminations, including 7 first bloods. The Belgian brothers both marked the first map, as ScreaM has a total of 8 First Bloods, out of the 33 eliminations he has recorded. On the Turkish side, we salute the performances of AsLan, imperial in the last few rounds, as was this superb quadrakill.

Karmine Corp wins against BBL Esports - Map 2
Image from VLR.GG

Split, the second map of the game was the scene of another intense confrontation. However, the French victory seemed to be a foregone conclusion, the efficiency of ScreaM and his Raze allowed Karmine Corp to take the lead. At the switch, BBL Esports were 3-9 down.

The two new victories for the tricolors, after the changeover, took the pressure up a notch. In a final burst of determination, the BBLs scored a fourth point, then another and a third, until they had a string of six successive victories. The Turks almost went to over time again, but their opponents were solid until the end. Thanks to a superb collective performance, Karmine finally won 13-11.

Natus Vincere wins against the Giants

MAP 1 - Icebox
NaVi 15 - 17 Giants

MAP 2 - Split
NaVi 15 - 13 Giants

MAP 3 - Pearl
NaVi 13 - 7 Giants

We have been focusing on the Karmine Corp match, but there was another match that took place before the French org's match. In fact, the third day of the VCT EMEA even started with this other match, which pitted Natus Vincere against Giants Gaming.

Unlike ScreaM and his teammates, all the players already had played a match. During the first day, NaVi and Giants lost to KOI and Fnatic respectively. This new match was therefore an opportunity to get a first victory. Not without difficulties, Natus Vincere managed to win, by winning Split and Pearl, after conceding Icebox.

The regular season continues, with new matches scheduled for this Wednesday 29th March. For their second match, Natus Vincere and Giants will face each other from 6pm, while Karmine Corp and BBL Esports will make their first steps in the VCT EMEA at around 9pm. If you want to follow the matches, please visit the Twitch channel of the French League.