Judgement, Episode 8 cinematic reveals Omen's past

Each new Episode of Valorant is an opportunity for Riot Games to provide new details about the lore. After several days of teasing with posts focusing on Omenthe studio looks back on part of its past through Judgementlaunch kinematics, the Episode 8.

Among all the intriguing characters in Valorant, Omen is undoubtedly the most mysterious of all. We don't know much about this Agent, except that he is Radiant, has amnesia and that a terrible accident gave him the appearance we know. As he so aptly put it in one of his vocal lines, he died "torn apart" (How many times have I been torn apart? How many times have I died?).

Beyond that, we were in total limbo. Well, almost, thanks to various dialogues between him and ViperWe already knew that these two Agents were closely linked in one way or another. Not only does he call her by her first name - Sabine - but it also makes it clear that she knows some interesting things "Don't die here, Sabine. I need your secrets.

In addition, Omen doesn't really have her in his heart - In one of his vocal lines, he expresses his disgust with her, even calling her a monster: "Sabine, look at the monsters we've become. At least you have flesh to hide your horror.

On the whole, our knowledge of its past is limited to these few scattered elements. However, thanks to the recent video called JudgementHere, we find out more about the close relationship between Omen and Viper.

In the cinematic, Omen, aided by Cypher and Sova, breaks into a building and goes on a killing spree using the Outlaw, Valorant's new sniper. After clearing the floors, Omen faces a man who seems to know him well. We understand that they have worked together in the past.

Tortured by a kind of energy field, Omen is overwhelmed by memories. Very quickly, images of the fateful moment appear. It seems that Omen was working for Kingdom. And one day, he betrayed his employer, by attempting to assassinate Dr Sabine Callesaka Viper.

Omen attempts to assassinate Dr Callas
Dr Sabine Callas, aka Viper
Omen comes into contact with a liquid, possibly poison.

During the confrontation, he came into contact with a dangerous liquid, possibly a poison, as a result of which Viper locked him in a machine. She then switched on the machineThis ended Omen's life, torn apart on all sides by a strange radiation.

Omen is stuck in a machine
Viper triggers the machine in which Omen is trapped
Omen is shredded by the machine

Not everything is clear yet, far from it. It could be that this explosion was a radianite explosion, as the individual indicates that Omen was supposed to protect his employer's work, in particular the work around radianite. This would also explain one of his vocal lines in which Omen says "Don't let them crash the Spike! Radianite explosions are... complicated."

We'll probably have more information over the coming months. So let's hold our breath!