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Joe Ziegler makes way for Andy Ho

After 8 years of service at Riot Games, Joe Ziegler, former Game Director, has decided to embark on a new adventure. From now on, Andy Ho will take on this role and will give all his energy to make Valorant grow in the future.

The anouncement, relayed on networks, refers to a message from Joe Ziegler.

In this open letter to fans of the FPS, he expresses his gratitude to the studio, the teams he worked with and generally all the people who supported him and the project:

Thank you to everyone who has supported and continues to support VALORANT, and a special shout out to all who've supported me and my work. You’ve made my time as your game director a truly joyous and memorable experience.

Joe Ziegler – Former Game Director of Valorant

Joe Ziegler had a very community-based vision of the development of an esport game such as Valorant. If the FPS is what it is today, it is partly thanks to him.

The former Game Director also takes advantage of this goodbye to reassure fans about the future of Valorant. He explains that the FPS is in very good hands and that he has total confidence in his colleague and future placement, Andy Ho:

Andy is someone who I am proud to say has put many years of his own into VALORANT, and whose personal dedication to deliver to the highest standards inspires all who work with him. He has my full faith and trust that he will continue to grow and evolve VALORANT year-over-year to become even better than what I could imagine it to be.

Joe Ziegler – Former Game Director of Valorant

Despite his departure and the start of a new project, Joe Ziegler will remain close to the team and the project. After so much time invested in Valorant, it is understandable that he wants to continue to support the development!

The new VCT season is approaching and Valorant will soon enter its 3rd year. With this handover, we can't wait to see what changes are made to the game and what surprises Andy Ho has in store for us!