Joblife unveils its roster for the Challengers France 2023

Last December, the organisation Joblife revealed its participation in the Challengers France. In doing so, it joined the nine other teams participating in the 2023 competitive season. Although the structure had not yet revealed the players who would represent it, it has now done so. Joblife will thus be able to count on the talent of SoOn, RodeN, Marctylinho, Yayax and killu, well-known players on the French scene.

If you have followed the Lyon Esport, the nickname SoOn probably rings a bell. And for good reason! Terence Tarlier worked for the German structure CGN Esports, a team that reached the final against Mandatory. He is a regular in the top level competition. Before playing in the VRL Dach, SoOn was a professional player on Overwatch and even played with HyP for a while under the banner Paris Ethernal. During his career, he has participated in numerous tournaments, even winning the Overwatch Open or the Overwatch League Summer Showndown in 2020. There is no doubt that Joblife has a real asset with this player.

SoOn is not alone in this team. Joblife signs RodeN, a former teammate of Akumaaaaa from Team BDS. He is also an excellent player, who already had the opportunity to play during the first season of the VCT. A versatile initiator, he will be able to deploy his talent with Breach as well as enter the site with KAY/O.

RodeN had reached the final of the first VRL Split, a match that ended in Sector One's victory. At that time, Marctylinho had largely contributed to the success of the Belgian team. More recently, they played together in the French Cup under the tag EMOJIPOUCE. Marctylinho is now contributing his expertise to the Joblife organisation.

Yayax and Killu have joined the new team. They both have competition experience. Killu, specialised as a Duelist, participated in the first VRL Split with the team Valar Morghulis. Yayax has competed in the VALOTF, but also in the Coupe de France with the Zerance team. Recently, they were part of the mix of players called The Spike, with Roden in particular.

This roster will have the opportunity to prove itself very soon, as the first match of the French Challengers is scheduled for 14th January.