Jett gets a nerf on patch 4.08

This Wednesday, 20th April, Agent designers Alexander Mistakidis and Jay Watford, along with game designer Sal Garozzo, spoke about Jett. The Agent should receive a nerf on patch 4.08.

Jett is one of the most powerful and popular agents of Valorant. It's rare not to see her in a lineup whether it's amateur or professional. She has literally dominated the game since its release, regardless of the meta. One of the reasons for her popularity is that she is one of the only characters in the game to have a defensive ability that activates automatically, where the others have to equip/charge their skills first.

However, agent designers have been thinking about an update to the Duelist for some time. According to the article that was published, her capacity Tailwind should receive a nerf.

What does this change mean in practice? Jett will no longer be able to dash whenever she wants because she will have to prepare her ability. During the loading time, she will not be able to dash and she will have to wait for the capacity to be ready. Then it will only have one 12-second window to use it. This means that you will now have to anticipate when you will need to dash if you don't want to be caught by the enemy.

In addition, after the time limit, the charge of Back Wind will be consumed, regardless of whether Jett has used it or not. She can still get it back if she makes two eliminations. So you'll have to be careful about using it.

Although the time to dash is reduced to 12 seconds, this gives players plenty of time to use the skill and should not have a real impact on it if you play it on attack. However, you will need to warn your team if you take initiative.

While this nerf will not have a particular impact on the attack, it may have an impact on the defense for players who do not know how to position themselves correctly. Taking a line in defense will be more complicated so watch out. Finally, it will prevent Jett's players from escaping quickly when they are caught by surprise.

All these changes were decided because the designers realised that no agent could really match the Duelist. Bringing everyone else up to her level would have been a real challenge, and more importantly a potential danger to the game, so it was best to nerf her.

From now on, it will be necessary to play Jett in a much more thoughtful way. It is hoped that these changes will not have too great an impact on her popularity and that she will continue to be seen regularly in competition.