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Jett and Phoenix Statuettes in the Riot Games Store

Riot Games is once again expending the Valorant section in its shop. After commercialising clothes, some of them in limited editions, the shop now offers figurines. The first Valorant Statuettes bear the effigy of Jett and Phoenix.

Phoenix Statue
Jett Statue

The statuettes are approximatively 30 centimetres high and represent the Agents in their iconic poses. Riot Games has accustomed us to finely finished action figures featuring League of Legends characters, so we can expect the visuals to represent the true quality of the items.

Quality comes at a price, however. The Statuettes cost €190 each. They are currently only available for pre-order. Deliveries will begin on 31st December.

If you want to get them, head over to Riot Games Merch Store.

These two Agents are the muses of Episode 1: Ignition. They already got a short film opposing them at the official launch of Valorant. We can therefore imagine that the Agents who will symbolise Episode 2 (which should begin in January 2021) will also be entitled to their statuettes in the future.