Iso, Neon and other Agents change with Valorant patch 8.11

As had been announced by Riot Games a few weeks ago, Duelists will be at the heart of patch 8.11. In fact, the developers will be making a number of changes to Neon, Reyna and Iso so that they can compete with the other Agents in this role. Raze has also undergone adjustments along these lines. In addition, the studio has partially reviewed the operation of a number of Clove.

Riot Games takes on Duelists

The changes we are about to present to you have not been made at random, with the developers justifying their choices as follows "This update is designed to allow other duelists to compete with Agents like Jett and Raze, who excel at taking up space for their team thanks to their speed and mobility..

Buff du bouclier d'Iso

Iso, Neon and other Agents are subject to changes with patch 8.11 of Valorant - mandatory valorant database portrait agent iso -.

Iso is one of the most under-performing Duelists at any level. As a result, the studio wanted to make it more efficientThis was particularly the case when it came to taking up contested spaces and winning duels.

To do this, the developers have reworked the way its Coupled Shot skill works, and to say the least, it's become much more interesting.

About us Coupled shooting :

  • Iso only has one charge left. He receives a new one as soon as he performs two kills,
  • He will be able to use a shield at the end of a 1s animation during which he cannot use a weapon. A sound is emitted when the shield is active.
  • Iso will get an indication showing the direction of the enemy destroying his shield,
  • It will be possible to relaunch Coupled Fire while it is active, to reset the duration of the shield,
  • Iso will be less slowed down when his shield breaks,

Gotta go fast!

Iso, Neon and other Agents are changing with Valorant patch 8.11 - Neon portrait -

The objectives of the changes to Neon could not be clearer: make it combat-ready when it slides over enemies and quickly penetrates enemy lines.

The studio has overhauled almost the entire kit, as the three main skills - Fast Lane, Superior Speed and Relay Lightning - have been adjusted.

About us de Voie Rapide :

  • The duration of the wall will be reduced from 6s to 4s,
  • The wall will dissipate from the rear, to minimise visual noise in the battlespace,
  • The time taken for the wall to be completely dissipated increases by 1s (2s in total),
  • The audio on the wall will be modified,

About us Higher speed :


  • Straff speed will no longer be reduced during the sprint,
  • The maximum speed during a sideways sprint movement will increase from 6.73m/s to 9.11m/s,
  • The time taken to fully regenerate energy will be drastically reduced (from 60s to 20s),


  • Neon will now have just one slide charge,
  • Neon will be more precise during a slide,
  • The second slide will cost 150 credits,
  • After a slide, Neon pulls out his shotgun in 0.2s.

About us d'Éclair relais :

  • Neon will now have just one charge,
  • The winding delay will be reduced from 1.1s to 0.8s,
  • The duration of the stun will be increased from 3 to 3.5 seconds,

Nerve of the explosive Raze pack

Portrait of Raze

We already knew that Raze would be the subject of changes with this patch, and that it was the explosive pack that would be reworked. In fact, Riot Games wants to retain its ability to take up space thanks to the double satchel, but offer opponents a better opportunity to counter it.

About the Blast Pack:

  • The Explosive Pack will no longer explode and inflict damage/knockbacks when destroyed by an opponent,
  • Raze's velocity when using the Explosive Pack to move will be reduced,
  • The audio will be modified so that enemies can hear the detonation of the first pack from a distance, when Raze doubles satchel.

Buffs and nerves for Reyna

Portrait of Reyna

Reyna is being buffed and nerfed, with the aim of reduce its dominance that it can have in the Classified parts, more particularly in the lower ranks, while allowing it to become more relevant to team play.

The developers have overhauled its healing ability, given it greater speed with Rebuffade and made a major change to its ultimate.

About us Devouring :

  • Healing will be reduced from 100 to 50 health points,
  • The time taken to obtain the full heal is reduced from 3s to 2s,
  • The extra healing power converted into armour will no longer disappear after a while,

About us Rebuffade :

  • The total duration will be reduced from 2s to 1.5s,
  • The maximum speed will be increased from 9.1m/s to 12m/s,

About us Empress:

  • The ultimate will no longer be ephemeral. It will now be permanent until Reyna dies or the round ends.

Changes to Clove

Iso, Neon and other Agents are subject to changes with patch 8.11 of Valorant - mandatory valorant database portrait agent clove -.

The studio will also be taking advantage of patch 8.11 to Make a few adjustments to Clove. Why is this? Quite simply because, after two months of use by players, the studio realised that the Controller was more effective than it had expected. The objective being balance its kit so that it better matches its role.

About us Boost:

  • The cost will increase from 100 to 200 credits,
  • The duration will be reduced from 10s to 8s,
  • The activation time for assistance will be reduced from 10s to 6s,

About us Still standing:

  • The ultimate will cost 1 extra point (8 instead of 7),
  • The time taken to de-equip the spell will increase from 0.7s to 0.8s,

Patch 8.11 will be deployed next week, on the night of Tuesday 11 to Wednesday 12 June. We'll be sure to let you know if Riot Games makes any other changes.