Iso, the new Duelist is revealed in video

Riot Games has just unveiled Iso, the new Duelist of Valorant. A true assassin, the Agent seems to excel at precision shooting. His skills have yet to be revealed, but the trailer gives us an interesting first glimpse.

EDIT : All of Iso's abilities have finally been revealed. For more information on the new Agent's kit, go to our article dedicated to Iso's skills.

Overview of Iso competencies

Hired to kill alone, Iso seems to have skills that help him in his work as a killer. During his confrontation with the soldiers on site, a bullet disappears in front of her head, as if she had been absorbed or sent to another dimension. This is more than possible, since there is a card entitled Bulletproof in the last Combat Pass, showing the same symbol as the one shown in the image below.

Iso can potentially absorb enemy bullets using one of his skills

The other thing that caught our eye in this trailer was of course this sort of dome in which Iso traps one of the soldiers. This Duelist could therefore be capable of isolating his opponents to face them in a duel to the death.

Iso may be able to isolate an enemy and challenge him to a duel.

For the moment, these are just guesses. We'll probably have to wait a few more days before Riot Games definitively reveals how Iso works.