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Infographic: The Mandatory.GG Cup Stats

Last weekend, the Ignition Series x Mandatory.GG Cuptook place, our second Valorant tournament. No less than 128 teams 128 European teams competed over 3 days of competition. At the end of a bracket full of surprises, G2 Esports won the tournament against Bonk. Let's take a look at the stats of our second tournament with our event infographic.

We received 857 requests for registrations from players. This time, the competition was limited to players who had at least reached Platinum 1 and we selected teams with the best average level. In the end, the average level of the competition was Immortal 2. Coupled with the fact that the players generally were better accustomed to the game than in our first edition, it allowed us to watch matches at a much higher level.

Mandatory.GG Cup x Ignition Series Infographic
Mandatory.GG Cup x Ignition Series Infographic

The two most notable players are Pyth (G2 Esports) and Yacine (Bonk).

Pyth is our MVP.. He was imperial through the tournament, each of his actions being remarkably precise. He finished the final with an average KDA of 1.91 (17/12/6).

Yacine once again receives the award for the most aggressive player with 45 first bloods shed thanks to his Raze. His impressive explosive actions made the show throughout the tournament. He's also the player with the best average combat score , with 248.3.

On Twitch side, we recorded 1.629.284 views for a 187 hours broadcast spread over 67 channels . The energy of ZeratoR, Lutti and Kiiper0ne on the French cast was infectious, while the analyses of Deman, Pansy and Hypoc allowed the international audience to follow the competition. Our spectator peak is 56,739. Thanks again to everyone who watched the Mandatory.GG Cup.

Agents Pickrate

Regarding the selection of Agents, we notice that things have changed since our first tournament. Sage is no longer the most played character! We've seen several teams abandon the healer on some maps. This was particularly the case with Bonk on Bind. Ultimately, Cypher took her place, with the latter appearing in 96% of the games.

Small drop for Raze, who was 60.3% of the time selected in our first tournament, and is now down to 48%. But it was above all Brimstone and Breach that had a dizzying fall. The former had 83.6% selection while the latter had 66.4%. This time, Brimstone only found his place in 15% of the teams, while Breach was selected 20% of the time.

These various drops have of course benefited other Agents. The trio Omen, Sova and Jett, who flirted dangerously with Viper in terms of unpopularity, are now much more played. In Omen's case, his rework most certainly played out. As for Sova and Jett, this is a natural evolution of the meta. Their talents are more and more recognised and mastered, which makes them almost indispensable Agents.

Reyna, the newcomer that many casual players find too powerful, is ultimately at the bottom of the table, alongside Viper. It's a safe bet that her 4% selection comes mostly from ScreaM, from team Fish123.

Finally, a little thought for Viper, eternal last. Perhaps the buffs she received in recent patches have yet to reveal her true potential. Or maybe she's doomed to wander at the bottom of the rankings.