Important changes to come in Valorant patch 5.12

December is expected to be particularly busy with new products according to Jeff Landa, manager of the Valorant Community. The latest patch, on 5.10, focused on Cypher, Fade and Harbor. The 5.12, will normally be about Chamber. Making this Agent a balanced character is not the only focus of Riot Games, as it appears that the problem of smurfing is also in the studio's sights.

As we pointed out in the analysis of the Valorant Champions meta, Chamber is still one of the most selected agents. Despite the successive nerfs of the patch 4.09 or 5.03, he is still very popular with the players.

In a recent Twitter communication, Jeff Landa mentioned new changes to the Agent. This announcement is not surprising, given that the developers had teased other changes to the Sentinel during the from patch 5.10.

At present, no information has been released about the planned changes. However, the objective is clear with regard to Riverkeeper: make Cypher important again in the eyes of the players. What changes could be made to Chamber to achieve this goal?

In the past, Riot Games has shown that it listens to the community's criticisms to bring nerfs or buffs. In view of the number of negative feedback regarding the speed of firerate of his ultimate or the efficiency of his teleporters, it is more than possible that the strength of these two abilities will be reduced in the next patch.

Furthermore, Jeff Landa states in his tweet "smurf report". The issue of smurfing on Valorant is not new. Already in the first year of the SPF's life, the studio sought to reduce this practice which undermines the experience of many players. More recently, patch 5.01 brought a new smurf detection system. Despite all the work done by Riot Games, this issue is far from over. It seems that the next step in the regulation of smurfing is a new reporting tool. It may be necessary to wait a few weeks or months before seeing the effectiveness of such a system in play.

While these two elements are already important points in the next update, the developers have other surprises in store for us. According to Jeff Landa, patch 5.12 will be beefy, in other words, very strong! The Valorant maps will also have their own dedicated section, especially the map-pool of ranked and unranked games. From patch 5.00, Split has been withdrawn. Could it make a comeback, with a modified version? Suspense!

As usual, all these changes will probably be tested in a small circle before being deployed on the Valorant servers. For the time being, the next test server session has no scheduled date.