Immortals First Light: a Valorant tournament bringing together American teams

While we are still awaiting the arrival of the rabjed games, the esports scene does not waste time and already offers great competitions. On the American servers Immortals and GameStop are organising a tournament bringing together the major teams in the region: Immortals First Light.

The tournament takes place tonight, starting at midnight, on the the Immortals Twitch channel. The cash prize amounts to 10.000$, which should motivate the different players to give the best of themselves. And considering who's participating, it promises very nice plays.

Six teams have been invited. Among the organisations invited, there are of course Immortals, but also TSM, Cloud 9 and Gen.G Esports. Code 7 and Echo 8 are the other two teams invited, the latter not belonging to any organisation, but which got very good results since the launch of the beta. In addition to these six invited teams, two amateur teams have won their places in a preliminary qualification tournament.

Bracket de l'Immortals First Light
Bracket de l’Immortals First Light

It will therefore be an ideal opportunity to get an idea of the organisations across the Atlantic. Unlike a Twitch Rivals where the teams were mainly composed of streamers, this time we will spectate the real organisations.