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How to register for the Ignition Series x Mandatory.GG Cup?

The Mandatory team is happy to organise theIgnition Series x Cup, an official tournament in partnership with Riot Games.

The goal of this tournament is to gather the best European teams within a single competition, with a €15,000 cash prize! 

Want to give it a shot? Here is how to proceed.

Pre-registrations will be open from Friday 17th July, at 8pm CEST, until Sunday 19th July, at 11:59pm CEST

To guarantee the highest possible level during our competition, all players are required to have reached Platinum 1 minimum. The teams selected to participate in the Mandatory.GG Cup will be those with the highest level.

Please note that we only allow one registration per team. The average level of the team at the time of registration will be the one taken into account, even if the rank of the team increases before the close of pre-registrations.

The teams selected to participate in the Mandatory.GG Cup will be contacted by email and invited to join the Discord of the tournament. 

Here is a quick guide to make sure you correctly complete your pre-registration for the #MandatoryCup.

STEP 1: Choose a captain and register the team

The team captain will have to handle the pre-registration by going to the dedicated tournament page and by clicking on the button "register as a captain":

They will be asked to log in using a Twitch ID. Once connected, the captain will be redirected to the registration form.

How to participate in the Ignition Series x Mandatory.GG Cup? - valorant mandatorycup registration form -
The form.

In the first place, they will have to fill their players information: NAME / FIRSTNAME / USERNAME / EMAIL / RIOT ID / TWITTER ACCOUNT / TWITCH ACCOUNT.

The captain must provide a screenshot of their rank with their nickname visible , just as follows:

Mandatory.GG Cup : The Rank

After entering this information, they will be asked to enter their team name, their TAG, as well as a a password of their choice, which will allow other players of the team to pre-register as well. Please note that we're talking about a password that only the team will know, keep it safe!

When everything is validated, they will see a confirmation page, inviting them to contact their teammates, to register on their side. An email will be sent too (it can take several minutes to arrive).

STEP 2: Register the other players

Once the captain has received his/her confirmation email or was able to check the confirmation page, the team is officially created.

The 4 remaining players can then start their own pre-registration process for the team to successfully validate its registration.

To that end, every player on the team must: 

  • Go on the dedicated tournament page and click on the registration button
  • Select his/her team in the folding menu and enter the team’s password chosen by the captain
  • Fill the information in the form and validate
  • Add a screenshot to show rank/username in game

Each player will see a confirmation page, saying the preregistration is taken into account. An email will be sent too (it could take several minutes to arrive).

Be aware though, a team that is still incomplete by Sunday 19th July - 11:59pm CEST will not be eligible and therefore won’t be included in the selection process.

STEP 3: Team selection

The teams will only be selected on their level. The teams with the highest average rank will receive an email to confirm their registration for the Cup. This email will contain the invite link of the Discord of the tournament, which must be joined in order to ensure the smooth running of the competition. 

The final contestants will also be announced on official website and Twitter account.

If you wish to livestream the tournament on Twitch and that you didn’t fill out the corresponding information in the subscription form, no worries. You can make a request by email or directly via the Discord server if you are among the selected contestants. That being said, you will have to abide by a few rules: 

  • The tournament must be livestreamed exclusively on Twitch
  • Games can be broadcasted up to quarter finals included
  • Mandatory 1min delay on every livestream
  • You will have to use the overlay provided to you by 

Any player who does not respect these conditions will disqualify their team. 

If you followed this tutorial correctly, you should be ready to take part in our Valorant tournament. Good luck everyone!

For more information regarding the format, please visit the Tournament page of the Ignition Series x Mandatory.GG Cup.