Icebox: new Valorant map

After a few days of teasing, Valorant's YouTube channel has just unveiled a big surprise: Icebox, the fifth map of Valorant.

This new map obviously takes place on docks in Russia. The environment is necessarily less warm there than in Haven or Bind, since everything seems to be covered with snow or ice.

From what we can tell from the short announcement video, the fights appear to be going on both indoors and outdoors. The docks are filled with more or less well-placed containers which may offer perches of choice for the Defenders, but also more or less complex lines of sight.

As every Valorant map must have its own gimmick, that of Icebox seems to be zip lines, or at least suspended cables. Coupled with the verticality and the wide open spaces that can be seen, there is a good chance that Icebox will be played radically differently from the other maps.

Icebox will be available at the launch of Act 3, which should begin next week. This is a surprise since Riot had announced that major content like maps should only arrive when new chapters are launched. We imagine, however, that a new Agent should also arrive for Act 3.