HyP gives us his opinion on Lotus, Valorant new map!

Last week, Riot Games has unveiled 'Revelation', the Episode 6 of Valorant. This new chapter is marked by the arrival of a mystical and magical flowery map, entitled Lotus. Ninth map of the game, this lost temple brings some interesting novelties, such as pivoting doors and destructible walls. HyP, our Captain, had the opportunity to try out this new terrain.

More of an Attack or Defence map?

One of the first things that strikes you when you look at Lotus are of course the three sites of the Spike. Until then, this specificity was reserved for another map of the game, namely Haven. "The first comparison you can make is to compare it to Haven because of the three sites. However, Haven is a very complicated map in Defence in my opinion, whereas, conversely, I feel like Defence on Lotus will be quite advantaged, given its construction at the moment.

Valorant card - Lotus
Map - Lotus
Haven : Map Valorant
Map - Haven

Before accessing any of the Lotus sites, the Attackers will have to manage to break through enemy lines. Planting the Spike is therefore a delicate task. A mission further complicated by the presence of a pivoting door between sites B and C and a destructible wall to create a link between sites A and B. These two new features will undoubtedly benefit the defenders.

However, HyP is confident that it is possible to plant the Spike! The Defence will not be invincible. It will have to split into small groups to monitor sensitive areas of the map. "I think we'll see some very advanced defences, to try and block all the choke-points and reduce the space available for the attackers as much as possible. However, if the attackers manage to plant the Spike, I feel like the retakes for the defenders will be particularly difficult."

The important thing will be to play well as a team, and to get as much information as possible. Our captain advises the use of lurkers and plans to a rather slow map control is the best way to win in the Attack. Nevertheless, an Akumaaaaa-style Neon could do just as well, if she manages to get into the A-main quickly.

Which agents should I pick on Lotus?

Neon will obviously not be the only one to focus on Lotus; Breach even appears to be an obvious -if not indispensable- choice. "Without going into too much detail, Breach can have a crazy impact on the map. He can stun A main from B to prevent the attackers from taking any space. He can also assist C with his flashes, while defending B."

Astra and Omen will also be very good choices, depending on your team's needs. The former will offer you a versatile kit to take control of areas, while slowing down your opponents. As mentioned earlier, this will be necessary on Lotus. Omen, on the other hand, will be able to attempt to do solo breakthroughs to glean information, both on Attack and Defence.

It will be essential to have other means of retrieving data on your opponents. This is where Skye, Fade, Sova or KAY/O generally come into play. However, there are still some doubts as to the usefulness of each on this new map. "Regarding Fade, Kayo, Sova or Skye, I have no idea, really... I don't know how playable Fade or Sova are with reveals. If you don't take reveals, I think you have to go with KAY/O, but Skye can be nice too. I have a little trouble believing the latter though."

What about Jett and Cypher mains? Rest assured, these two Agents are not to be outlawed; neither are Killjoy and Raze. They will be added to your team, depending on your style of play, and the strategies you and your teammates wish to implement "Take Jett with you if you want to play Sniper or Raze if you want to play meta."

Mandatory: any final words HyP?

HyP: I really like Lotus. I always like new things, no matter what. I can't wait to start working on the map as a team. I've only had time to do one game on it, but I've got lots of ideas already!