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How to follow the Mandatory.GG Cup Live

As you know, our official Valorant tournament, the Ignition Series x Mandatory.GG Cup starts this friday! 128 teams from across Europe will fight for a €15,000 cash prize from Friday, July 31st to Sunday, August 2nd. Everything will be lived streamed on Twitch throughout the weekend.

Some players and broadcasters have decided to stream the early stages of the competition directly. This is why we've prepared a special page in order to follow the progress of the Mandatory.GG cup as well as a page will all the streamers of the Mandatory Cup.

Semi-final and final will be broadcast exclusively on our Mandatory channels this weekend.


You can follow the competition on our official channels, French and English. The French cast will be provided by ZeratoR, Lutti and Kiiper0ne. ZeratoR is competing, but he'll pick up the microphone as soon as he's out of the tournament. The English cast is provided by Deman, Hypoc and Pansy.

For your German, Russian and Polish friends, we also offer broadcasts in your language, provided by partners.

All the channels to follow the Mandatory.GG Cup:

🇫🇷 Follow the stream in French
🇬🇧 Follow the stream in English
🇩🇪 Folgen Sie dem Stream auf Deutsch
🇷🇺 Следите за потоком на русском
🇵🇱 Śledź strumień w języku polskim

Players' POVs

As we told you earlier, players are free to stream their games until the quarter-final (included). Many players have decided to share their experience of the tournament from within. You can follow them on our page dedicated to streams.

You are strongly recommended to take a look at the various tournament competitors. There will be shows everywhere! Don't hesitate to browse from stream to stream, you could discover your new favourite players! If you're seeing some amazing action, don't hesitate to share your best clips directly on our Discord.

Good tournament to all!

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