How do I get the Riot Gun Buddy?

Some skins are hard to come by, but there's no doubt that the highly prized Riot Gun Buddy is even harder to come by. Not available in the shop, nor in the Battle Pass, nor even in the Night Market, it is one of the rarest objects in Valorant.

Riot Gun Buddy attached to a Vandal

And for good reason, there is only one way to get it. Riot Games has spoken out about this in the past, but recently decided to issue a reminder to the community. If you want to display this item on your weapon, a Riot developer or a member of the Valorant team will have to give it to you !

The donation of this object of desire is not random. The studio explains that the Riot Gun Buddy is offered to players with a positive attitude, and make the games enjoyable for all players. If this is your case, you are probably wondering why you still don't have it. The answer is simple! It is not enough to be an exemplary player, you still need to be seen in action by a Riot member. Moreover, each of them has only a limited quantity, so not all players will be able to receive them, despite their good behaviour.

Knowing that the majority of employees do not display their membership of the studio when they are in play, you won't know if they are in your game or not. So if you're desperate to get this item, there's only one thing left to do: be the perfect teammate in all your games!

In addition to recalling this golden rule, Riot revisits some of the issues that might interfere with obtaining this valuable object. For example, there is no point in claiming a Riot Gun Buddy directly from a Rioter, on the contrary, it could do you a disservice. Similarly, following a particular person on social networks will not earn you bonus points, nor will private messages asking nicely for your "precious" one.

Finally, remember thatno Rioter will offer you to buy this famous item or to participate in a contest to get it. If someone makes you an offer of any kind, don't bother. You can also take the opportunity to report this person.

It's time for a little game! Have fun and be nice to your team, who knows, maybe a Rioter is hiding there...